Most people know that car servicing is good for their car but are unaware of what exactly the benefits are and how it can help save them money.

Here are our top three reasons why regular car servicing can benefit both your vehicle and your finances.

Save money on repairs

Regular car servicing will ensure that the vehicle components checked in a service are maintained correctly and not left to deteriorate. For example, our technicians will drain and refill the engine with oil in all three of our service options. If you don’t change your car’s engine oil when required, it can cause engine wear and ultimately shorten the lifespan of your engine.

Other than for your MOT, a car service is often one of the only times a year when you will have a qualified mechanic look over your car; our technicians are experts in the industry and may identify issues with your vehicle which you may not have noticed. Often car problems are much easier and cheaper to resolve if found early, so early identification could potentially help prevent an unexpected breakdown and/or a hefty car repair bill.

More mileage and longer lifespan

Car servicing is one of the most important things you can do to improve fuel efficiency. A car service can help stop problems which may be affecting your car’s fuel consumption. In many cases, changing something simple such as a dirty air filter will help reduce your car’s fuel intake and save you money. Keeping your car well maintained and making sure there are no harmful issues with your vehicle will help keep it running smoothly and effectively for longer.

Higher resale value

If you are planning to resell your car in the future, keeping it up and running effectively is very important. Many buyers are concerned with the longevity of a vehicle and will be very interested in the car’s service history. A vehicle with a good maintenance and servicing record will prove to be easier to sell and you could also find you reach a higher resale value as a result.

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