On hot summer days air conditioning is a great feature to have in your car to keep you cool, however, if your air con stops working you could soon find yourself in a rather hot and uncomfortable situation.

Finding the time and money to fix your air conditioning system may be difficult, so here are our top tips for staying cool while it’s out of service.

Keep your car away from the sun

Most drivers are aware of this, but ensuring you park your car out of the sun, either under the shade of a tree, a building, or in the garage will help it not feel like a sauna when you first get in.

Use covers and sunshades

Cover your steering wheel and any seats that are exposed to direct sunlight with a blanket, this will ensure you can sit comfortably and will also protect the material from the sun. An alternative to blankets would be to use a sunshade, which you can stretch underneath your windscreen. Most sunshades are metallic and are designed to help reflect sunlight and heat.

Tinted windows

Tinted windows do allow the sun to come through, but the treated glass filters its effects and reduces its impact. Depending on how dark the tint is, the heat will differ. However, do bear in mind that even though tinted windows can decrease the heat in your car, there are legal requirements regarding the darkness of the tint to adhere to and the heat reduction can still be minimal.

Properly inflated tyres

You might think that your tyres wouldn’t impact how hot it can get in your car but the heat from your tyres is conducted throughout the vehicle. When in contact with the ground, the friction and the heat from the road will increase the heat of your tyres and your car. When deflated, the tyre will cover more surface on the ground and create more friction when running, resulting in more heat. This added friction and heat could also lead to the tyres wearing faster or even breaking instantly in a dangerous blowout.

Checking your air conditioning system

You should check your air conditioning system before the weather starts heating up, weekly operation of your air conditioning is highly recommended to help reduce the build up of bacteria and fungus in the system.

If your air conditioning is not working properly or you notice anything unusual, check out our air conditioning services and book online at your nearest Autocare centre.

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