The purpose of a car service is to check and replace the parts which wear down over time and use. Some parts, such as oil and brake pads need checking more regularly than others, such as the fuel filter and spark plugs.

Every car is different, so to find out what needs replacing when on your vehicle (known as ‘service intervals’), you should check your manufacturer’s handbook.

Which service should I choose, and when?

There are three levels of servicing available at AutoCare. By choosing a combination of these services, the essential parts will be checked within most manufacturer’s recommendations (in fact, our services actually exceed most manufacturer’s recommendations, see our full checklist of what is included in each service).

Even if your car is used very little, it will still require regular servicing as many parts degrade even when not in use.

Depending on your annual mileage or manufacturer recommendation, services should be carried out as follows:

Low to average mileage

High mileage

The three levels of service are designed to meet the needs of cars no matter their age, condition or history, and all our work is protected by our Quality and Price Guarantee for your peace of mind.

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